Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Grad School

Since January of 2001 I have been giving thought to graduate school. Usually I'm pissed at the Catholic school I'm working at and want to jump ship and move to Ohio, or I'm just annoyed at where I'm working and want a change. This year brings the same thoughts, but I like my babysitting gig, I'm helping 2 families out and getting paid for it. Granted the only thing that sucks is the whole lack of health insurance and it being a non-taxable job. ;) Well that's not a bad thing, but when the what have you been doing question comes up in an interview, I get to say babysitting, and get the "what is wrong with you look."

I'm tired of the same shit, of getting a job I think will be great, having it suck and then me losing it, and I get screwed for having some fucking morals. I want to know why I was the only member of the religion faculty to go to the March for Life last year, seriously, I was hired to make religion fun for the students and when I did that, I was accused of not being loyal to the Church. Bite me, you can't get more loyal than I am. I was sure as shit teaching "Church teaching" the kids are just so damn tired of hearing the same shit year after year, they'd rather see you living it and being true to what you are saying than just spewing shit from a book, a monkey could do that.

I'm tired of being the black sheep of the family because I'm "republican" guess what I'm against the killing of innocent babies in the womb, that's why I'm not a democrat. I'm probably more of a democrat than a republican any way, but I can not support a party that says it's ok to kill the unborn, and I can't comprehend why so many "Catholics" are democrats and ok with the baby killing. My extended family and my own family looks at me like I'm crazy for being " a one issue voter" You know what I am a one issue voter, I can comprehend how parents get up and argue on a national debate of who's more pro-abortion. I do not want to see the work of the last 8 years get tossed down the shitter because we want "change" No matter whom we stick in that office, the economy is going to suck, and apparently live will to.

People need to stop living in the fantasy world of I need 2 cars to survive, and I need 2 bedrooms per child because I need the big ass house or apartment. Dude all you need is a mommy and daddy room, a girls room and a boys room. After a while if you're like my friends and I you'll need to upgrade simply because the house will be too small for your 10 kids. ;)

I don't get it. Looking back on the past few years, I feel like I'll never get out of this hell hole. I so planned on being out of the house by now, I can't stand being asking where I'm going and all those other questions. I'm freaking 28 years old, if I want to go out I'm going to go out.

Oh well, it's midnight and since I've up all day and letting the lack of sleep affect me, I should just go to bed.

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