Sunday, January 27, 2008

Running Blog

So I'd like to set a goal of being able to run in the 5K race on May 17th. That's my goal, to run 3.16 miles by May. Thanks to Runner's World I have the 10 week plan all set. So I'm going to get my fat ass out and walking tomorrow and everyday until next Monday when the plan is to "run 2 minutes then walk 4 minutes" 5 times for a total of a 30 minute workout.

I plan on walking over to the high school track and attempting this there, at least there I can keep track (hahahaha) of how far I've run in those 2 minutes. I don't plan on thinking of running in terms of miles until I've reached week 10, but that is easier said than done, considering I was a long distance runner in high school.

I hope to blog my distances and whatnot. I wish my nike+ iPod sensor was actually working because then I would be able to chart more, but I'll have to wait for the "replacement" sensor to arrive for that to happen. So tomorrow's goal is to walk for 30, maybe 60 minutes.

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