Friday, February 22, 2008


So I've decided to start crocheting, too bad trying to figure out the stitch is driving me nuts, mainly because I lack patience and I make the loops to tight. Otherwise it's lots of fun, and I'm excited to start something new. I found a pattern for coin purses, which I think I'm going to turn into Rosary purses. It would be something cute to make for the First Communion kids or to give as a gift.

Once I get some things started and actually finished I'll post some pictures!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Did you give up yet?

So it's officially Lent '08, and it started in the typical fashion; me along with many others getting ashes put on our foreheads. Typical of myself I went to Mass tonight, and was amazed with how many people were at Mass and second Fr. George's request to see Mass this full "the whole way through." Mass was an interesting experience for me because I wasn't on the EM schedule and wasn't expecting to serve, even though I had a feeling I would be needed. Now I chose to sit literally in the middle of the pew because I wasn't on, so I had 3 old ladies on one side of me, and what I assume is a mother and 2 young daughters on the other side, so hopping out to serve wouldn't have been easy.

Typical of myself I counted the EMs as they walked up, and said oh they need one, and saw someone go up, I kept counting but for some reason I kept thinking they were covered, and I thought Fr. Brian might have been hiding in the back, alas he wasn't and they were actually still short. So I couldn't just run the people over who were sitting next to me, and Fr. George had a plan; he was the only one distributing Communion in the front and the Deacons covered the back. So I went up to receive and asked Fr. George if he wanted me to take the other ciborium that was sitting on the altar, he said. "if you could," so that's what I did and I distributed to the front with Fr. George. Now that I think about it, we were still short 1 EM, because all 4 chalices were out via 3 EMs and 1 ordinary (priest or deacon) so that left one deacon in the back and Fr. George in the front. What really should have been done was give all four ciboria (my Latin and spelling skills are failing me right now) out and let the chalices just sit there (covered of course), but what was done was done.

So Lent for me began with me doing something that I don't really like to do which is distribute the hosts aka the "Body of Christ." I don't know if I've gotten used to it from being the choir minister, but it didn't bother me tonight. My usual comment is, "eww, Communion someone is going to lick me." It's silly, but true. I've gotten over it, but I still people watch while distributing Communion, especially when I am standing there with a chalice watching people walk back. It's interesting to watch how people receive, how people don't respond or just give you a look. I hold the Host up to the person's eyes (or down if it's a child) and sort of force them to look at what they are receiving, if there's no response, I tend to hold the Host a little longer than I normally would. Maybe one of these days I'll be brave enough to wait longer than a nanosecond with that one.

Tonight's Mass while typical for me, meaning I end up serving as EM because someone didn't show up, yet it was atypical, probably because of the circumstances in which I ended up serving, but i was all good. I don't remember much of Fr. George's homily, actually I remember what he said of Fr. Brian's homily, that Lent is a wake up call for us spirituality. I guess I remember that comment more because that's how I look at Lent, as a time for me to re-start something that I've done before or to try something new. Of course the topic of fasting, almsgiving and praying came up as the 3 principal ways to do something for Lent. Typically Catholics will ask, "So what did you give up for Lent?" For the past few years I have tried not to give up something but to add something in to my spiritual life. This year I plan to give up laziness, especially in terms of exercise. I have yet to actually start my "running" program, but that will change in the coming weeks.

My plans for Lent are to add Daily Mass when I can, which means St. A's at 7:30am or 12:05pm when I'm not babysitting at those times, or a 5:30 or 7:30pm Mass at a local parish on the days I am babysitting. I could bring the 2 year old I babysit to church, but as his mom said, "Michael in church is well, you know," typical of a 2 year old not knowing how loud their voice actually is. I have also decided that if my Lent is not perfect, it's not that big of a deal. Usually I'm disappointed because I haven't said Morning, Evening, or Night prayer everyday, or something like that or done all that I wanted to do. Maybe I should want to do so much but it just works out that way. If I make it to daily Mass I make it, if not I can say a Rosary or extra Chaplet or Stations or something. My hope to do a Rosary Run on Good Friday, so we'll see how well the whole running thing goes.

So the bulleted version of what I am doing for Lent:
  • Daily Mass
  • pray more
  • give up/fast from laziness
    • running/walking program
    • eat healthier
It doesn't seem that bad now does it, seeing as these are things I should be doing anyway. This time of year always reminds me of a homily I heard in college in which the priest mentioned his nephew asking him, "Did you give up yet?" Well, I don't think I've given up, but I will give my life over to God, and see what happens. I think my relaxed attitude about the whole Lent not being perfect stems from Fr. Brian and confession, where he basically reminded me that I'm not perfect and therefore should expect myself to be and that if something isn't perfect, it's ok.

Monday, February 4, 2008

food for game: $100
new tv for game: $800
watching the Giants make the Pats 18-1: priceless

I love my men in blue. Eli, Plax, Tyree, Strahan, Smith, Coach Coughlin, and the man from the Army that inspired the Giants to get back on track. I hope they give him a ring!