Monday, March 24, 2008

Conversations from the Sacristy

I must start off with my comments on the use of incense. "Damn Brian... Holy incense" I was walking into the church with the vessels from the Gym Mass. Fr. Brian used incense at the beginning of the 12pm Mass and it was close to 1:15/1:20 when I walked in, and for the incense to be strong enough for me to notice it, it must have been strong.

Yesterday I was privileged to have the "chore" of cleaning the "dishes" aka the holy vessels from Mass, and because I was doing this by myself I was in the sacristy for awhile and got to hear some funny conversations.

The first one being Deacon George walking in and saying "I hate when my wife is right" however all I heard was "I HATE MY WIFE" I turned to him and said all I heard was I hate my wife, and the 3 of us in the sacristy, including Deacon George just burst out laughing. I know George and his wife quite well, as their son and I were in youth group together.

The next conversation I was part of involved Fr. George, myself, Fr. Brian, Deacon George, and Rich. I guess Fr. George just needed to talk/vent about the Mass in the gym. This conversation is definitely funnier if you were there and know the kids from the gym Mass, but I wanted to write it down for my own enjoyment.

Fr. George: "I had two noisy kids in front of me"
Me:"Fr. Brian it was the same one from Christmas, that kept trying to bum rush Baby Jesus"
Fr. George goes on the explain that there are times when he thinks I gave up being a father and there are times when God reminds you why you are what you are
Me:"I like the fact that you picked up the toy for them during your homily"
Fr. George:"Yeah, that was good, all in one fell swoop, picking up the toy that was thrown at me (Fr. quickly added that it wasn't actually thrown at him)"
Yeah I don't like his homily- Me and Fr. George

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