Tuesday, April 15, 2008

He's here!!!!


I am quite impressed with the speed of the nearly 81 year old Pontiff as he came down the stairs from the plane. The smile on his face was great, and I'm quite happy that Jenna (thanks Fox News) to greet him along with President and Mrs. Bush.

I have EWTN coverage taping on the old TV and I sat with the high def tv and flipped the channels and took pictures with the camera of the TV, so expect a picture blog to come. While flipping the channels I turned to CBS aka channel 2 and burst out laughing and screamed as I head them say "Msgr. Joe Chapel." Father Joe as I met and know him was at SHU while I was there and is good friends and quite possibly a classmate of one the priests I know quite well. So I have pictures and video of that too.

Oh well, I am off to make dinner, but I'm so excited the Pope is here. I'm sure my age and growth mentally, physically, and spiritually is helping but it's totally different from JP2 came in 1995, I didn't get it back then, now I do.

Welcome to the US, Papa B16! We love you!

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