Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pentecost 2008

I heart my bishop! His homily rocked, he spoke of the Holy Spirit moving us to live life correctly, in economics, politics and what not and how we should not separate what we believe from how we live/behave. He spoke of respecting all life, unborn, terminally ill, poor... and I was beaming.

He also spoke of vocations and how when he comes in October he wants 6 young men from the parish to be ready to enter the seminary and at least as many young women to enter religious life.

I love my bishop!!!!!

More to come after the Mother's Day celebration, I didn't want to forget what the homily was about. :)

Edit/update, I didn't forget about the Bishop's homily or visit, I've have had a busy week.

I enjoy watching the madness that surrounds the Bishop's visit. You would honestly think the Pope was coming with all the details that need to be dealt with. So you add a few extra servers and tell the EMs they have to step down. Bishop Serratelli checks on his parishes to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. I think one week he just needs to stop by and hang out in "the back of the Church" so he can what really happens. He's not stupid he knows that you had extra things for him or at least I would hope he does.

I am hoping to get a copy of his homily, because as I sat there I said to myself oh I so wish I could get a copy of that homily. Maybe I will get a copy and then I can post it and make comments on it.

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