Friday, June 27, 2008

sometimes things are closer to home than you think

During the war in Iraq I often thought it would be Mike (high school acquaintance and son of one of the deacons at my parish) or Paul (best friend's brother) I would hear about, however when they announced on the news the names of 3 soldiers who died over there on Monday, in particular Greg Dalessio, I thought, I know that name... did I go to school with him.Sure enough I got a link today from a fellow SHU alum via facebook and I can't place or remember how I know him, other than campus ministry keeps popping into my head. It will drive me nuts until I figure it out and now work study is popping into my head too, for all I know it could have been student ambassadors, but I'm thinking campus ministry.Captain Gregory Dalessio SHU classes of '00 MA '04 may you rest in peace and thank you for your ultimate sacrifice and love of your country. Without men (and woman) like you this country would be nothing. In doing a google search for Greg's name in an attempt to see how I knew him I found some interesting pages. This one in particular struck me as interesting. A news article on him from the Courier Post, the paper in South Jersey. am sure that more will come up on this topic...for now I'm off to sleep as it's the last day of CCD and it's been a long week.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random comments from the priests...

that's right the priests...

I'm sitting quietly in the pew minding my own business when Fr. Brian says "I don't want you crying during Mass either."

I was at the 10am Mass, which I normally try to avoid because it's the "kids Mass" which means there are normally a lot of babies and kids making noise. Before someone jumps all over screaming about it, I love kids really I do and I love my friends kids and my niece and nephew but since I don't have any of my own I don't really need to subject myself to the Mass with the screaming kids.

The reason for Fr. Brian's comment where there was a 7 week old baby in the front fussing, babies do that, the kid's mom, dad or aunt shoved something in the kids mouth and he was happy as can be the rest of Mass. There was another baby making noise in the back, so Fr. Brian being Fr. Brian and knowing he can get away with it, tells me, 'no crying from you either." It made my day, and makes me think, "that's what makes him good." The only other priest to make comments like that to me is Fr. Bill, so Fr. Brian must be good. ;)

Monday, June 16, 2008

June 19, 2006

Seems like yesterday...

I know it's not quite her anniversary, but Fiona may you continue to do awesome work up there in Heaven.

Fiona Alexandra Marie July 13, 2004 - June 19, 2006

Fi, ora pro nobis!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tim Russert

When checking my e-mail, I better be careful as the last time I started a blog like this, I got some lovely *rolls eyes* comments from Mr. or Ms. Anonymous. Any way when I check my e-mail I normally glance over and skip the CNN headlines/breaking news. I don't get them very often anymore so I decided to click on it today and imagine my surprise when I saw simply stated, Tim Russert has died of a heart attack, he was 58.

As is typically when a celebrity or some other well known person dies I immediately text my friends. Jokingly, and I mean jokingly I said is this a sign for liberals, both friends I texted are conservative like myself. The responses of shit, no way are given and we all go and check the news.

I actually rarely watched Russert's show, but from the debates that I suffered through, suffered because of the candidates not him, I was impressed with how he handled himself. I don't like that he was a Democrat and Catholic, but alas it is hard for people to get away from that stereotype, but overall he seemed to be a genuinely nice guy. It is stated that he just returned from a trip to Rome, as someone on another blog put it, "there is no better time to be called home than after a trip to Rome", the Eternal City. Before people get up in my face about being annoyed that he was a democrat and Catholic here is my reasoning.

Catholic teaching: abortion is wrong no matter what
Democrats are strongly pro-abortion
therefore a Catholic should not be a democrat, notice I did not say can not, but only should not, though I do lean more towards can not. These are my thoughts take them or leave them, don't go leaving comments if you disagree, you are not going to change my mind and I more than likely will not change yours.

Too many people look at abortion as a simple issue and lump the pro-life movement into this whacked out sect of Christianity. Abortion is always wrong not matter what, war while not the best or greatest of options is not always wrong, there are time when it can help. Just look up the just war theory.

Anyway, my prayers go out the Russert family, especially Tim's wife, and son as they return home from Rome and have to grieve publicly. I can only imagine the heartache of knowing that Tim was in the US while there were in Rome, how would they know that that good-bye in Rome would be there last.

Rest in Peace Tim Russert.

Fox News has a nice story on him as do most of the other news stations. We had MSNBC on before we left for the feast at the parish and I can honestly say it was one of the few times I could handle listening to Keith Olbermann. I give the anchors at NBC credit for getting on the air and being able to handle a friend and colleague dying literally at work. 58 is young to die, not as young as I have unfortunately had to see and deal with, but still young none the less. Mr. Russert lived life and seemed to enjoy it.

Eternal Rest grant unto him O Lord,
Let perpetual light shine upon him
may his soul and the souls of the faithfully departed
rest in the Mercy of Christ.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

This is what I do...

I read, hear, or see something that pisses me off, I then blog about it, so it doesn't sit and brood in me all day long, because if it does, the last post is what happens. Cursing left and right and just an over all pissy over tone. Just let me be, I'm entitled to my opinion as much as you are.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The one place I thought...

I would be able to speak my mind and thoughts has been breeched. I can't even blog about how I feel, because someone out there in cyber-land will assume that I am inferring something that I never have or that I'm something because of what I said. I am fully aware that people are entitled to their comments and free speech, but this is my f-ing blog, I am allowed to say whatever the hell I want. Don't come into my house accusing me of shit that I am not.

I am not pro-murder because I am pro-military. Stop fucking blaming Bush for every damn thing that is "wrong" with this country. The House and Senate are the law makers, blame their asses, but that's right it's just easier to blame one man for everything. As a Christian I am called to take care of others, that's not limited to only the United States. I'll try to cut out the cursing before I am accused of being a hypocrite again as a Christian is apparently supposed to be perfect. Sorry, I'm not, nor will I ever be despite my quest to be perfect.

How is it that the blog that I just put up to simply say one should vote pro-life get two comments from random people, and the well thought out blog below it, the open letter to Mr. Obama they don't comment on. Oh right because my "one issue voter" status is all about abortion vs. their one issue of "BUSH SENT US TO WAR, WAR WAR WAR, it's all his fault"

Yes abortion is the top issue for me, because I believe that if one thinks killing a DEFENSELESS human being is right or correct, then I can not vote for them, regardless of their political affiliation.

I need to ask Fr. Matt for his notes from his pro-military, pro-just war presentation he gave to the parish.

That's right no comments allowed on this one, kiss my white Irish American ass. I don't need you aggravating me over something I never said.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

As I was checking my e-mail this headline came up. "Pro-Life Catholics Shouldn't Back Barack Obama Because He's Pro-Abortion" It's such a simple statement and it irks me to no end how many "Catholics" will vote for Barack Hussein Obama. The words "Pro-Life" and Catholic are one in the same, if one is Catholic one is pro-life end of story and when people begin to realize that, there won't be an issue. Murder is never an option!

Catholics are not to be picking and choosing what teachings they believe, when people are reminded of this from the pulpit they will know. As one of my priests puts it, I can't tell you to vote for, but here's who I'm voting for and why!"

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Open Letter to Mr. Obama

Dear Mr. Obama,

I wish to tell you, that I find your stance on abortion deplorable and utterly offensive to women. When you speak for and to the youth of this country and the women who you wish to give national coverage too, I want you to know that you do not represent me. There is no way in hell that I would vote for a person who believes that killing babies under the guise of abortion and women's rights is correct and morally acceptable. Rest assured that I will do everything in my power to not, that's right NOT get you elected. I will pray that your Christian heart is turned so that you can see how evil abortion is. Don't expect me to believe a word that comes out of your mouth. It is insulting to believe that someone who was given the right to live by his own mother would turn and tell a woman what to do with her body. That's right I'm turning the classic pro-abortion argument back on the movement, Planned Parenthood was created to get rid of "your people" aka the blacks in this country. Yes, Margaret Sanger was a racist and wanted to see the African-American population killed off, hence why Planned Parenthood killing centers are usually found in inner-city neighborhoods.

I also find it absurd that one day you would be behind your pastor and the next day resign from your church as if it was some political office. Religion is not something to toss around lightly, especially a belief in Christ and His teachings.

May God have mercy on you, me and this country for what it is doing.

A concerned 28 year old female

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Open Letter to Disney

I'm thinking of writing a letter to Disney...

Dearest dumb asses at Disney,

Do not fuck with the Narnia movies again. If you do you shall forfeit the right to my money being spent on going to see the next installment.

A concerned C. S. Lewis Fan

Sunday, June 1, 2008


So i went to see Prince Caspian with Bridget, Ron and their niece Stacie.

While it was a good movie, I was very disappointed in what Disney did to the story. CS Lewis did an unbelievable job in witting these stories, they do not need to be embellished upon. I spent most of the movie saying "what the hell, stop messing with my story."

The three adults in attendance was amused by the fact we were the only ones laughing during the movie, me thinks we were the only 3 there who had read the books. I should give props to Fr. Z for forewarning me that I might be disappointed and I happened to find an interesting article about Lucy and St. Therese, which when you think about it, you can see quite well how those two are similar. Both priest on my blog role on the side, Fr. Z is the author of the blog called What Does The Prayer Really Say and Fr. Father Dwight Longenecker is the author of the blog called Standing On My Head, both are interesting blogs and made for good reading.

There is more to come on this, as I have to go back to the book and check certain aspects of what pissed me off in the movie. By reading Caspian before the movie and being annoyed at the movie, I am reminded of what I didn't read Return of the King before I saw the movie, because I was upset by how awesome the book was for Two Towers and how one part of the movie involving Aragon admitting he is king was so wicked in the book and so cheaply and horribly done in the movie.

Oh well I am off to bed for now, more to come on Prince Caspian, for now I leave you with "I am Prince Caspian the Tenth, you killed my father, prepare to die." No, that line does not appear in the movie, but a scene in it makes you flash back to the Princess Bride.