Tuesday, June 10, 2008

As I was checking my e-mail this headline came up. "Pro-Life Catholics Shouldn't Back Barack Obama Because He's Pro-Abortion" It's such a simple statement and it irks me to no end how many "Catholics" will vote for Barack Hussein Obama. The words "Pro-Life" and Catholic are one in the same, if one is Catholic one is pro-life end of story and when people begin to realize that, there won't be an issue. Murder is never an option!

Catholics are not to be picking and choosing what teachings they believe, when people are reminded of this from the pulpit they will know. As one of my priests puts it, I can't tell you to vote for, but here's who I'm voting for and why!"


piggley said...

If you're inferring that being Catholic means voting Republican, you're a total hypocrite. What about all the lives lost in Iraq due to the lies told by our Republican President??????
Or is it just the unborn that we worry about? Remember Mary "Catholics are not to be picking and choosing what teachings they believe. Murder is never an option!"

Mary said...


For starters nice info on who you are, secondly, I never inferred that being Catholic means voting Republican, I simply said pro-life. There are plenty of pro-abort Republicans out there too, and no I don't vote for them.

As for the lies our President told us, what about the innocent lives that were taken by Iraq's dictator, or do those lives not count. Yes, death is a factor in war, and it sucks that our brave men and women have died over there, but that is not murder on my account or our President's.

President Bush is not the only member of the government, so is Congress and they are as much to "blame" for the war as 'our Republican President.'"

If you don't like what I have to say, don't read my blog, and please don't leave snotty comments.

Anonymous said...

Your pretty snotty yourself Mary and if you post comments on your blogg you should expect people to disagree. In what way are we responsible for the crimes of "Iraq's Dictator"? Or is that how Republicans justify killing so many innocent Iraqis and our own men and women under such a false pretense? What do you think our President expected would happen when he lied to everyone about the nonexisting weapons of mass destruction in order to get the go ahead to bomb Iraq? Did he really think they would all escape unscathed? Anyone who encourages others to vote Republican is Pro-death. It's time to stop this horrific war!

Mary said...

It's my blog, I can say what ever I damn well please!

Why do people think war is easy and can just end on a whim, didn't we learn anything for Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so we should have stayed in Vietnam?????????????????????????

Mary said...

I am not getting into a comment war, if you don't like what I say in my blog, stay away from it. I don't go around reading others' blogs and leave anonymous comments disagreeing with their statements, if I disagree with them, I read it and move on.