Sunday, June 1, 2008


So i went to see Prince Caspian with Bridget, Ron and their niece Stacie.

While it was a good movie, I was very disappointed in what Disney did to the story. CS Lewis did an unbelievable job in witting these stories, they do not need to be embellished upon. I spent most of the movie saying "what the hell, stop messing with my story."

The three adults in attendance was amused by the fact we were the only ones laughing during the movie, me thinks we were the only 3 there who had read the books. I should give props to Fr. Z for forewarning me that I might be disappointed and I happened to find an interesting article about Lucy and St. Therese, which when you think about it, you can see quite well how those two are similar. Both priest on my blog role on the side, Fr. Z is the author of the blog called What Does The Prayer Really Say and Fr. Father Dwight Longenecker is the author of the blog called Standing On My Head, both are interesting blogs and made for good reading.

There is more to come on this, as I have to go back to the book and check certain aspects of what pissed me off in the movie. By reading Caspian before the movie and being annoyed at the movie, I am reminded of what I didn't read Return of the King before I saw the movie, because I was upset by how awesome the book was for Two Towers and how one part of the movie involving Aragon admitting he is king was so wicked in the book and so cheaply and horribly done in the movie.

Oh well I am off to bed for now, more to come on Prince Caspian, for now I leave you with "I am Prince Caspian the Tenth, you killed my father, prepare to die." No, that line does not appear in the movie, but a scene in it makes you flash back to the Princess Bride.

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