Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The one place I thought...

I would be able to speak my mind and thoughts has been breeched. I can't even blog about how I feel, because someone out there in cyber-land will assume that I am inferring something that I never have or that I'm something because of what I said. I am fully aware that people are entitled to their comments and free speech, but this is my f-ing blog, I am allowed to say whatever the hell I want. Don't come into my house accusing me of shit that I am not.

I am not pro-murder because I am pro-military. Stop fucking blaming Bush for every damn thing that is "wrong" with this country. The House and Senate are the law makers, blame their asses, but that's right it's just easier to blame one man for everything. As a Christian I am called to take care of others, that's not limited to only the United States. I'll try to cut out the cursing before I am accused of being a hypocrite again as a Christian is apparently supposed to be perfect. Sorry, I'm not, nor will I ever be despite my quest to be perfect.

How is it that the blog that I just put up to simply say one should vote pro-life get two comments from random people, and the well thought out blog below it, the open letter to Mr. Obama they don't comment on. Oh right because my "one issue voter" status is all about abortion vs. their one issue of "BUSH SENT US TO WAR, WAR WAR WAR, it's all his fault"

Yes abortion is the top issue for me, because I believe that if one thinks killing a DEFENSELESS human being is right or correct, then I can not vote for them, regardless of their political affiliation.

I need to ask Fr. Matt for his notes from his pro-military, pro-just war presentation he gave to the parish.

That's right no comments allowed on this one, kiss my white Irish American ass. I don't need you aggravating me over something I never said.