Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random comments from the priests...

that's right the priests...

I'm sitting quietly in the pew minding my own business when Fr. Brian says "I don't want you crying during Mass either."

I was at the 10am Mass, which I normally try to avoid because it's the "kids Mass" which means there are normally a lot of babies and kids making noise. Before someone jumps all over screaming about it, I love kids really I do and I love my friends kids and my niece and nephew but since I don't have any of my own I don't really need to subject myself to the Mass with the screaming kids.

The reason for Fr. Brian's comment where there was a 7 week old baby in the front fussing, babies do that, the kid's mom, dad or aunt shoved something in the kids mouth and he was happy as can be the rest of Mass. There was another baby making noise in the back, so Fr. Brian being Fr. Brian and knowing he can get away with it, tells me, 'no crying from you either." It made my day, and makes me think, "that's what makes him good." The only other priest to make comments like that to me is Fr. Bill, so Fr. Brian must be good. ;)

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