Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Don't rock the boat

I guess the title for this blog should really be "Get out of the boat" as the past few homilies that have stuck with me have involved Fr. Brian and Deacon George telling us in their respective homily to step out of the comfort zone.

I don't mention Deacon George's homilies very often as the deacons only preach once a month in our parish and I usually end up with one of the other 3 deacons at the parish. I like Deacon George for many reasons, for starters he converted to Catholicism simply because his daughter one day asked "daddy why don't you come to church with us?" That was all he needed to get the ball rolling. I first met Deacon George through his son Michael who was a member of the parish youth group with me.

More to come later... off to bed I go as I'm off to the Bronx Zoo with some friends later on today.

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