Monday, September 15, 2008

Baby Hats

As I sat crocheting a hat for a preemie baby while waiting for the child I babysit to finish up with speech therapy a worker came over and asked, "what are you making?" I replied a baby hat, my friend's niece was born with anencephaly so she had made her niece hats, so we're making some for St. Joe's as they asked her too." She then asked me what stitch I was using and I gladly said "double crochet" while noticing she had precious feet on her tag. I don't know why it amused me that she would have those on at Hackensack University Medical Center, for some reason I tend to assume that those that work for "public" places don't wear their opinions on their sleeves per say. I added that if they needed hats that we would gladly donate some to them and she said, "we don't get many tiny babies here, but NICU probably needs some.

While making the hat, I looked at how tiny it was/is and wondered what child could possible be that small and then I thought of those born even earlier than I was, as I was on course to be a normal sized baby, I just wanted out 10 week early. ;) Thankfully God has blessed me with wonderful health and I've had no health issues.

I was looking on line at different groups and saw pictures of a baby tiny enough to fit the hat I was making, and it just made me more determined to make hats. As the hats are small, they are completed quickly, and well the more babies we can keep warm the better. Makes you appreciate life on a whole new level when you see how determined some of these "little ones" are, though they don't all make it to have a full life, they have all blessed someone with their presence.


Mark said...

I think crocheting hats for premature babies is a brilliant thing to be doing. Anything that helps premature babies and offers support to their mothers is a really important part of pro-life activity.

I noticed the new wording at the top of your blog. Have you had a lot of negative comment about your blog?

I spotted some really stupid and offensive comments that a couple of idiots had posted about President Bush and Iraq and abortion (to which you gave a really good reply), but was wondering whether what you say about people being pissed off was referring to more than that.

I also got the impression from something you said in one of your posts that people in some of the parishes and schools where you’ve worked have been upset by the way you stand up for Catholic teaching on faith and morals.

It seems to me that, if your principled defence of the Church’s teaching upsets Catholics who dissent from that teaching, then you’re doing a damn good job of standing up for what’s right.

I bet St Paul pissed people off all the time, and that a lot of other saints have done so, too. Look at Mother Theresa. Judging by some of the things that “liberals” say about her (especially her uncompromising pro-life stance), she must REALLY piss them off…!

Anyway, I hope you’ll carry on pissing people off, because the Church desperately needs people like you who are prepared to stand up and tell the truth about things.

Mary said...

It all stemmed from the comments that were left, but it hearkens back to other things people have said via facebook or other websites. The part I just added is my usual disclaimer on things.

Mark said...

You've obviously come in for a lot of flak from people for standing up for what you believe.

By the way, I'd be really interested to know what you made of the theology program you studied at SHU.

I've written a few pieces for "The Chesterton Review", which is published by SHU's GK Chesterton Centre, and edited by Fr Ian Boyd who's at SHU (and with whom I've communicated by email a few times), so I'm curious to know more about the place.

Mary said...

Hehehe, Seton Hall and I have issue when it comes to Catholicism, but from my dealing Fr. Boyd was/is a good man. I mainly saw him in passing.

I promise a blog on the state of SHU eventually.

Mark said...

I look forward to your blog post on SHU.

We don’t have Catholic universities here in England, and I always think it’s great that the US has so many, but I guess that some are more Catholic than others…

The two I’ve come across that emphasize their fidelity to the teaching of the Church are Franciscan University at Steubenville in Ohio and Ave Maria University near Naples in Florida. Do you know of others?

I was horrified to see that Fordham University's Stein Center for Law and Ethics is awarding its prestigious Ethics Prize to Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer, who wrote the majority opinion in Stenberg v. Carhart which struck down state law's banning of partial-birth abortion.

How can a Jesuit university allow something like that? St Ignatius Loyola must be looking down from heaven in utter disbelief!