Monday, November 10, 2008

The election

From Cardinal Sean O'Malley's blog, "Our prayer is that the new administration and the new Congress will work for a just and lasting peace and to protect the dignity of human life in all its stages, from the moment of conception until the moment of natural death."

I agree Cardinal Sean!

I'm not surprised that Obama won, disappointed yes, but not surprised as so many "Catholics" voted for him and his so called Catholic running mate. The Bishops have a great teaching opportunity on their hands and I hope they jump on it, looks like they will be discussing this at their meeting. For me personally it's gotten me to at least think of doing more for the pro-life movement. I've been slacking with that and now I have a good excuse.

What I don't get is why so many people think he's a change. Not being George Bush is not enough change, and honestly I'm tired of people blaming one man for the countries issues. Last time I check Congress aka our Senators and Representatives were the ones to make the laws, so therefore there is no change in DC. It irks me that so many people are comparing him to Kennedy and that young people are back in the White House. Excuse me, the Bushes are not that old, just because they are conservative doesn't make them old. I'm tired of the media attacking Palin and watching the GOP do nothing but watch her fall under the bus that they seem to be driving now.

The election is over, America is about to get what it wanted too bad that means an awful lot of dead babies if Obama gets his way. 50 million voices have been lost, wonder what they would have said during this election. Oh well, many prayers will be said and that's honestly all we can do right now. I'm also curious as to how many people voted for Obama simply because he's "black." Personally I don't care what color your skin is, if you can't figure out that killing the unborn is wrong you're not getting my vote, you could be green and orange and I still wouldn't vote for you. So much was tossed around about Obama's race, and how we're not a racist country if we elect him, I really want to know how many people voted for him because of his skin color, notice I'm saying voted against him, as I do think we are beyond that thanks to many people. I highly doubt Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would appreciate Obama's stance on abortion, but he would be impressed to see that one's color isn't that be of a deal anymore, or at least it doesn't seem to be.

I think this years March for Life will be one of the biggest ever, but we shall see.

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Mark said...

I'm really sorry about what happened in your election. I'm sad for America because of the horrendous FOCA legislation to which the President-elect seems to be enthusiastically commited, but I'm also sad for us here in the UK and in the rest of Europe, because the kind of people (including "liberal" Catholics) who agree with Obama's agenda on abortion and other issues now feel more empowered than ever before, and believe that a new era has dawned in which traditional values are going to be blown away by the winds of change.

As regards Martin Luther King, I know his niece Dr Alveda King has said that Obama's abortion policy represents a betrayal of all that Martin Luther King stood for. I can't believe that a majority of Americans really agree with Obama on issues like partial-birth abortion, so presumably they must have voted for him for some other reason, and, sadly, one can't help wondering whether race was a major issue.

Anyway, I hope that what has happened will mobilise the pro-life movement both in the US and also over here, and that God (as he so often does) will find a way of bringing long-term good out of a worrying situation.