Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SHU's Chapel

I went looking for my pictures of the Chapel, it took me a while to find them as I didn't remember when I took them just that I took them. Alas I found them, they are from October 2007 despite my thinking it was before that.

You can see in this picture that different designs were being "tried out" on the wall, it took me a second to realize that something was different.

I thought I did a better job of taking pictures, guess I was in too much of a hurry to actually get the pictures taken than caring about how focused they were. I just say I'm excited to go and see the re-stored Chapel and to take pictures of it.

Here's an article on the re-stored Chapel

As soon as I find pictures of the newly restored Chapel I will try to do a side by side comparison. The pictures I was sent by one of the campus ministers were sent to her by one of the priests on campus and I don't want to use his personal photos on my blog. Oh well that's just an excuse to go visit one of my favorite chapels. You'll see a picture in the link if you click on it.


Mark said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Mary!

Seton Hall chapel looks fantastic.

Mark said...

You may already have seen this, but Fr Z did a piece on the renovation with "before and after" pictures:

The New Liturgical Movement blog also had a feature:

Mark said...

On a related topic, I also found these photos of an Extraordniary Form Mass celebrated in Seton Hall chapel (during the period of the renovation) earlier this year.

I love the Latin Mass, and I found the post you did on it a few months ago really interesting. I especially agreed with what you said about kneeling for communion, etc.

I always think that kneeling for communion helps focus the mind on the fact that we are truly receiving the Body of Christ, and helps instil in us a due sense of awe and wonder.