Sunday, December 7, 2008

When I get into something I really get into it *updated*

So I literally spent the last week reading the Twilight Series books. Normally I wouldn't even think to pick up these books, but my friend, Bridget's niece read them and told her to read them and as a result I was told to read them so I did.

I have yet to see the movie, so I can only comment on the books right now, and from what I have seen with the trailers for the movie, the book is better, as is usually the case. Now I've heard both good things and bad things about the books so I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew something must be good if Bridget was after me to read them.

Yes it's about vampires and other mythical creatures but if you get beyond that; you can see series of books with a great message. The woman who wrote the books is a Mormon so at first you wonder how she could write a book involving "evil" creatures such as vampires. Stephenie Meyer has written a book for teens that they love with a "save sex" til marriage message.

Maybe it's because I'm a girl and yes the book is geared toward teenage girls, but I found myself having played the part of the main character, Bella, in my own life, and if I can I assume many other girls have too. Seeing a guy, falling in love, (though mine wasn't true love as I'm not married yet), wanting to be with said guy.

The movie as I expected was good but no where near as good as the book.

Also, when I comment else where that I am a 29 year old who and read the books vs. a teen who has read them, I don't need to get comments that say "well most of them haven't read good literature, so very average literature appeals to them... no offense" As a person who went through Catholic grammar and Public high school and I say easily that it wasn't until I met my friend Bridget that I started reading CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, and many others, so I trust her opinion on books. She got the better education, she was home schooled I suffered through a Holocaust book a year in high school along with other books, never once did we read Narnia, or Lord of the Rings, which is we wanted a taste of good literature is what we should have been reading.

The person who posted that comment may not have meant any offense, but really if you have to start or defend yourself with "no offense", you knew someone would be offensive. Yes I like the Twilight books. I like them because they have good morals in them, and it's a great way to get them to teens. A lot of my CCD girls have said I want to marry Edwards, I say that's great but he's a fictional character, but you should look for someone who treats woman the way Edward treats Bella.

Edward as a vampire is fascinated with Bella as she's the only human who's mind he can't read. he doesn't stalk her as some have said (they have not read the books if this is what they come up with), he tries to protect her and get to know her,and well Bella needs protection. He thinks and looks at himself as a monster and wants to know what possibly could attract her to him (other than her blood) and well most of all her to him. Edward tries many times to get Bella to realize that he's dangerous, but as Bella says it doesn't matter what you are, I love you.

It's a fictional story, why are people reading so much in between the lines. Edward won't "change" Bella (into a vampire, actually he's opposed to it through out most of the books) until after she has married him, and once they are married they behave like a married couple, sex is saved until after marriage like it's supposed to be. Yes they kiss in the books, don't most people kiss while dating, as for Edward watching Bella sleep, well he cant' sleep, she has too, find me someone who hasn't fallen asleep in front of someone or a parent who hasn't watched their child sleep.

I'll blog about why I think the movie was bad later.


Mark said...

I'm sure the Buffy TV series, etc, must have got a lot of young people interested in the occult, as well as presenting them with some very questionable morality, so it's good to see that a more Christian alternative is available.

Mark said...

I'd never heard of these books before reading your blog-post, but it turns out they're big over here, too. I just came across this piece about the books and film in a national newspaper over here in the UK.