Friday, January 23, 2009

March for Life 2009

Pics are forthcoming, but over all it was great day. The warmest I have seen in my 11 years of going (granted I missed one maybe 2 in there) and from what I heard the largest crowd they have had. They, the march organizers, has those of us with cell phones send a text saying "march" to a number so I'm interested to see what the actual number was. It was quite funny as we were staring to march they asked those under 30 to make some noise, and then asked us to take out our cell phones and then asked us to send a text. I did as did my friends around me, so we're all interested to see what the number is. As usually the only media coverage was EWTN and someone mentioned a Fox News camera.

Oh well I should get back to actually watching the kids I babysit for, as one of them is "yelling" at me for taking the computer out of it's "spot" They just got a macbook so I have it on my lap so I can type and watch them, and the oldest (who'll be 5 in March) looked at me and said "Mary the brand new computer doesn't come out here." I said I'm an adult, I don't think you're mother is going to be worried about me and the computer.

Pictures to come later.

Apparently Pres. Obama waited a extra day to lift the ban on our money being sent overseas to fun abortions.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Obama's first action

The first thing he does is this

Americans have no money, but let's send money overseas to help kill babies. We can't cry being poor and then send money out to murder people. ARGH!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's creepy how fast things change

The agenda on women according to Obama's White House page...

Things that drive me crazy

I don't understand how and why the news media is still bashing Former President Bush. He's out of office now, your boy is in. At least Fox was man enough to start talking about what Pres. Obama will and should be doing. I wish just one sliver of this infatuation over Obama will be given to the March for Life on Thursday, but alas it won't be. It will be left to the "right-wing conspiracy" bloggers and other such "right wing nut jobs"

I know my camera will be with me and I will be blogging about it. At least the temperature is supposed to warmer on Thursday.

As a Fox commercial says "the party's over" I hope and pray that Obama will have a change of heart.

Inauguration 2009

"The American Heart will stir this day with pride and home as the powers of the presidency of the United States, magnificent in their promise, terrible in their burdens, are vested in a man of groundbreaking heritage and grand aspirations. At noon today, Barack Hussein Obama will become he 444th leader of the Republic, sworn to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, as were Washington and Jefferson and Lincoln before him and others great and obscure. May he prove to be great in these troubled times."

That is what is on the cover of the New York Daily News, my response to the first comment of the American Heart stirring is this, yes my heart is stirred with pity and sorrow, for the lack of respect of life in this country.

I did watch some of the coverage, but I turned it off just before Obama's speech. I know myself and listening to it would just aggravate me. I decided to start praying the Rosary as Joe Biden was sworn in, seemed appropriate to me. I said a full Rosary, mainly because I had some catching up to do on my Rosaries for the FOCA novena. I half listened to the oaths and couldn't help but think of all the defenseless babies that being ignored.

Joe Biden's oath reads "I, Joseph Robinette Biden, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God." I remember thinking as he said "enemies foreign and domestic" that he himself is one of those enemies. I do not understand how someone can stand up there and say he will defend us, when he doesn't defend the most defenseless in the country.

Barack Obama's oath reads "I, Barack Hussein, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God." I was laughing at the fact that is seems Obama had his oath memorized, and really it's not that hard, but he did accidentally cut off Chief Justice Roberts at the beginning. Again, I don't understand how a man can get up and say I'll protect and defend the Constitution while ignoring and out and out promising more deaths via abortion.

I do find it greatly amusing that Chief Justice Roberts was the one swearing Obama in, as Obama voted against him. Alas Obama is the President, while I do respect the Office of President, I am fully aware that I do not have to respect the man in that office. Obama scares me, even Bill Clinton didn't scare me as much as Obama does. The idea that Obama promised to sign FOCA is just frightening. There is no choice in that Act, no what so ever, there is just a lack of laws to keep you from killing your baby.

Mary, patroness of the US, pray for us. Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the unborn and the Americas, pray for us.

Cardinal O'Connor, Archbishop Sheen, Mother Theresa, St. Therese, Dorothy Day, and the many other pro-life activists up in Heaven pray for us. I miss Cardinal O'Connor and his ability to say what needed to be said.

Some old posts from 2 years ago.

2 years ago while I worked at a local Catholic high school I went to Rock For Life's training and activism weekend. Being in DC for a few days surrounding the March for Life offered some interesting things for me for to do and see. I originally posted these on my myspace blog and decided to post part of them here. In particular I want to post my reactions to the Silent No More talks I heard, to this day these talks have stayed with me and I try to use them when speaking about abortion and how it hurts woman. This weekend rekindled the fire inside me for defending the babies. I know I've been slacking, but I have said more Hail Marys and Rosaries in this past year than I ever have. It still disturbs and disheartens me that some Catholic schools don't get it, they don't get that you need to teach what the Church teaches and that you need teachers who actually believe and uphold and live out what the Church teaches. I won't get into that topic as that just opens a wound I'm not ready to re-open yet.

Anyway, my thoughts from two years ago with my comments from today as well. Let me preface the following with this: a major part of the weekend was the activism aspect of the weekend, most of it was done before the March but a fair bit of it was done after the March too. We were asked to be a sort of "security force" at the Silent No More Vigil and then we moved over to our protest of a PP fundraiser. Which was after the NOW ladies left the Silent No More Vigil, yet the Vigil still continued and it was still going when we returned.

Eventually the time came for our group to venture over to a bar a few streets away for the protest of the Planned Parenthood fundraiser that was there. We walked the few blocks over while carrying our signs and laughing and getting to know each other. Along the way randomly resting up against a tree was a bamboo pole, Phill, just picked it up and kept walking. When we got to the bar we realized that the fundraiser was on the second floor so we quickly amid many a laugh stuck one of our Justice for All, Face it Abortion Kills signs on the stick and Phill held it up for the PP (lol, their abbreviation just makes me laugh) people to see. There were about 15 of us and just about as many cops, the cops just laughed because we did everything we were supposed to, we kept the door way clear and left a path for people to pass by on the sidewalk.

I was holding a total of 4 signs, I had my Justice for all one, down by my feet, along with the KofC Defend Life one resting against me, as Phil pawned that sign off on me. I ended up with the other 2 as the Irish ladies went in to drink aka infiltrate so I had their signs as well. I was decked out in pro-life-ness. During one of the talks at the workshops ALL and RFL had set up, someone mentioned how different the 2 sides were, how the pro-lifers usually had smiles in their faces and were laughing, and how the pro-abortion/pro-choice side usually was gruff and seemed angry.

I noticed how true that was at the Silent No More Vigil. The NOW women just seemed angry. I guess I would be too if someone was exposing the lies my organization was spouting. The majority of the ladies who gave their testimony spoke of how they were a part of NOW and fell for it's lies about how "safe" abortion is and how it wouldn't affect them. This women, years later, some 30 years after their abortion still remember the pain it caused, and the torment it caused them. I remember 2 testimonies in particular one was of a couple, a husband and wife, and one was an older African American lady. The husband and wife struck me as, as they said, they were the "first to give their testimony together". The wife spoke of how she was 18 when she got pregnant and her mom basically told her, that can't happen, you need an abortion. The husband spoke of how he just sat there and didn't say anything since he was 17 when it happened. Despite what happened they remained a couple and got married, they have helped each other through many of the things that have affected them such as depression as a result of the abortion.

The other lady, the African American threw me for a loop when she said "my uncle Martin Luther King Jr." At that point I think I actually did the whole WHAT! head shake and turn. She spoke of how "Daddy King" Martin Luther King Sr. when she mentioned aborting a baby said "no one in this family kills their child" or something like that. The child she had inside her at the time is now 31 years, and seeing her tell her story and relive it in my mind still brings tears to my eyes. I honestly can not put into words what these men and women spoke about. Fr. Pavone asked us to be moved by their testimonies and I'd say it is safe to say that anyone in attendance was moved by their testimonies.

I remember listening to one lady give her testimony and at the end when everyone starts clapping, these 2 kids next to me start jumping up and down screaming "great job mom, we love you mom" I can't even type the story with out crying. I happened to read the Rock for Life blog that comes to me via e-mail and I had almost forgotten about this testimony. There was a young lady who spoke of her experience, of how she could feel her baby move up until that last moment when it just stopped. She spoke of how the abortion was almost an assembly line how they moved from one room to the next, to one bed to the next. She was stuck with a needle in her stomach and whatever was in the needle poisoned the fluid the baby was in. She spoke how she felt her child move like never before and then it just stopped. Once this needle was stuck in and taken out she was left on a bed to rest and to let whatever was to happen happen. She then told of how she woke up the next morning and was sent to a room with what looked like a toilet and told to sit over it and push. "I pushed my dead baby into a toilet." was what she told us amid tears. She then told us how the nurse or whatever title this lady had said "oh, look at how skinny you are now."

Those words are what Planned Parenthood and NOW don't want you to hear, they want you to believe the lies that abortion is safe and that it doesn't harm the woman. That is why Silent No More was started to combat those lies, to expose the truth. That is why I will stand outside an abortion mill and pray for everyone inside it. That is why I will not sit idly by while my generation is killed. 47,000,000 have been taken from our generation... what are you going to do?

Something needs to be done and it needs to start in the trenches aka the churches. The Catholic Church needs to step it up, well not the Church, the Church, Herself is unwavering on this topic, Her princes, the Cardinals need to step it up, the Bishops need to step it up, they need to say something, they need to actually acknowledge that people like John Kerry and Nancy aka "Madam Speaker" have excommunicated themselves by saying YES to any form of abortion. It's not that hard, and we all know our Church is a forgiving Church and will take you back in a heartbeat, so even if you make a mistake you are always welcome. Just stop calling yourself Catholic and pro-abortion, there is no such thing. A Catholic is pro-life otherwise they are not Catholic.

Since that posting you can make the total babies killed via abortion to 50 million and you can see that I still don't like "Madam Speaker Pelosi" and other "catholic" politicians. I have uploaded pictures as well, I was hoping to find the one of myself with my four signs but I can't find it, so I will post one of the two story protest, the NOW bitches, I can't call them anything else other than bitches. I will never forget one of those "ladies" pushing herself up against me (all the time I was thinking get your nasty pro-abortion self away from me) telling me to move politely by saying "excuse me" as she pushed herself up against me. You'll see that the pro-life movement pushed its way in as well. We were nice and quiet and polite, they were not, they were there shouting their stupid cheers and being all nasty. The other picture is one of myself and part of my pro-life gear with the Capitol Building behind me. The other is of me during the actual March.

Inauguration 2009

What I wouldn't give to be down in DC with a huge sign that says "you can't be CATHOLIC and PRO-ABORTION" Since I can't afford to be down there, I'll do the next best thing and post it on my blog.

I had hoped that the Bishops would have used this as a teaching opportunity, and I know that some of them did. My parish preached on FOCA this past weekend and Deacon George's homily was awesome. He started his homily by pointing out that he and his would be celebrating their anniversary on the 20th and how he unlike most men does not forget his anniversary. Deacon George said that this coming Tuesday there will be an historic Inauguration as the first African American will be sworn in as President. Deacon George pointed out that he is praying for President-elect Obama and that he hopes and prays that Obama does not start his presidency off on the wrong foot by passing FOCA. I had a feeling the good deacon was going down this road when he mentioned the 20th, and I've know Deacon George for about 15 year as his son and I were in our parish youth group together, I knew I wouldn't mind where he was going with his homily. I actually thanked him after Mass.

Deacon George took a page out of Fr. George book and did the whole "well George, why are you going down this slippery slope" question followed by his answer. His answer had tears of joy in my eyes. I was so happy to hear someone from the pulpit say defeat FOCA, and his reason just added to it. Deacon George pointed out that this so called "freedom of choice" act has no choice in it. He pointed out that Catholic hospitals, doctors and nurses would be forced to go against their morals to perform abortions. He pointed out that our tax dollars would be used to pay for abortions. He pointed that we as Catholics (he's learned from Fr. Brian to just say Catholics vs. Catholic Christians) have to listen to Jesus' call in the Gospel to stand up and defend what is right and moral, and that means life from conception to death. Deacon George is also the director of the local funeral home, he is very good at both jobs, deacon and funeral director. I don't remember the fully, but I can probably get a copy from him. He did mention the March and the parish prayed for those of us who will be attending the March and we prayed for President-Elect Obama and the other officials in this country to have a respect of life from natural conception to natural death. There is more to the pro-life movement than defending the unborn, and I am fully aware of it. It just pains me that we have elected 2 men who think "terminating" a baby is a woman's choice.

I have watched my friend Bridget's current pregnancy (mainly because we have a standing dinner/tv date) and it is amazing to watch her little girl kick the remote that sits atop her mom's belly. Interestingly enough when we talk about Obama, the little girl inside her mother's uterus kicks and kicks alot, we say oh there she goes, she doesn't like him, well he does think it's ok to kill someone in her position so I'd be kicking to say "hey I'm here don't forget about me." That little girl has nothing to worry about her parents have been married 4.5 years and the oldest in the family is 3.5 years old and baby #4 is growing nicely inside her mom.

Mr. Biden, I ask as a Catholic citizen in the US, that you re-think your stance on abortion and that one day you will return into full Communion with the Church. For now I will stand in prayer with the protesters who will be at the Inauguration and pray for the safety of this country most especially the unborn.

This is interesting

I found this via a priest's facebook status and I think it's a great way to get the message out.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Thoughts on insanity surrounding the Inauguration of President-Elect Obama

I don't remember 4 days worth of events surrounding President Bush's inaugurations, or even President Clinton's inaugurations. Then again I normally don't pay attention to the Inauguration, but this time I have no choice it's all that's on the news. Today we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. however I can't help but think that while he would be pleased to see an African American elected as President, he would not be happy with Obama's pro-abortion stance. Obama as a person does not scare me, the idea that he would promise a "freedom of choice" which has no choice in it. FOCA is a load of crap full of evil. By chance and more likely by "order" the deacons at my parish preached on FOCA this weekend. Now I've heard rumors that FOCA doesn't have enough votes to be passed, but I feel like Obama will find a way to have it pass.

Oh well time for lunch, then I shall return

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fr. Richard John Neuhaus 1936-2009

It has been brought to my attention that Fr. Neuhaus passed away this morning shortly before 10AM this morning. May he rest in peace.

Eternal Rest grant unto him O Lord,
Let perpetual light shine upon him,
May his soul and souls the faithfully departed rest in the Mercy of Christ.

I always enjoyed him comments on EWTN, especially during the election of Benedict and during Benedict's trip to the US. His comments will be missed, but he leaves many works behind to help educate us.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas and the Feast of the Holy Family

A few weeks back my parish was greeted with the news that our pastor is being transferred to another parish as of Feb. 2nd. Considering that when the 6 year mark came up and Fr. George heard nothing we all assumed, including Fr. George, that we would have him for another 6 years. Alas the good Bishop said move and Fr. George as he has throughout his priesthood said, yes. We're losing a great pastor and priest, but as he says one never truly leaves as we'll be in his prayers and he hopes we continue to pray for him.

Anyway, this news added a certain twist to Christmas this year. For me Christmas just didn't seem like Christmas, I wasn't into it as I normally would. Granted getting sick with a stomach bug on the 23rd didn't help matters. As a result my mom didn't have her actual presents just some silly gifts as I call them, usable gifts, but not her actual gifts. I don't know it just didn't seem like Christmas.

Typical of myself I sign up to serve at Extraordinary Minister at the 4:15pm Mass, our overflow Mass for the 4pm in the actual Church and as EM at the 10:30 for the Choir. Fr. Brian likes to call the 4:15 the "no room at the inn Mass." I had a feeling that since this would be the last time Fr. George would be able to say the "gym Mass" that he would have be saying it. I got to hear his homily twice as my family goes to our "Midnight Mass" at 10:30pm, and as pastor, Fr. George had main celebrant rights. One of these days I'll get back to an actual Midnight Mass at midnight.

Fr. George's homily had a visual aid this year, a signing statue of the Grinch from Dr. Suess' How the Grinch stole Christmas. The homily started out with Fr. George telling us about his 7th grade CCD class and him trying to think of a way to do something special for Christmas, so they watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas, his favorite Movie and out came the Grinch who is a special one, he happens to dance to "You're a mean one Mr. Grinch." Now that Fr. George had everyone's attention he got into the meat and potatoes of his homily. He spoke of the different "grinches" we have in life, with the 3 main ones being greed, violence, and secularism. Each grinch had a person in the Nativity scene to look up to and try to change, as we're called to bring the Grinch to Christ. The first was to bring the Grinch of greed to Mary, as our Blessed Mother gave all that she could, especially with her yes to be God's mother. The next was the Grinch of Violence was to look to St. Joseph has he wanted no violence against Mary when she was found with child. The Grinch of Secularism was to be shown the shepherds and 3 Kings as these men gave what they could to God and brought Him to others.

Fr. George spoke about having sorrows in our lives and that they might not make Christmas happy, but that Christ is the light in the darkness. Overall it was a good homily and he spoke slightly longer at the "Midnight" Mass than at the 4:15 but over all the basic idea was that we are to bring the Grinch and others to Christ. That the Christ-child came for us and that we are to bring Him to others with our actions and lives.

So that was Christmas, the Feast of the Holy Family was an exciting day at the parish. As I was getting ready to go to Mass my mom calmly mentions that "Mass is in the gym." WHAT WHY? was my reaction, seeing as I only do "gym Masses" for the High Holy days of Christmas and Easter, I don't like not being in the actual Church. I got the short version of the story from my mom...

"Fr. Brian heard a pop while saying the Gospel" and then someone said fire, so Masses were moved to the gym. You'll probably get the story over there." I said ok, I'll probably will. So the story as told by Fr. George during his homily that Sunday was this...

As is Fr. George's custom he was in the church to greet the people going to the 7am Mass, he and Fr. Brian noticed that the bells weren't working so Fr. George said, I know how to fix this, I'll just reboot the system. Fr. George rebooted the system and said, oh good no more problems today. 10 minutes later as he was sitting in his office in the rectory he hears and sees Fr. Brian running through the rectory saying, I think he might have been shouting, "George there's a fire in the church." Now, the image of Fr. Brian in full vestments sprinting into the rectory is amusing and a few of smiled, but Fr. George added to it by saying that one of the parishioners swears they saw Fr. Brian hop the altar. So now I have an image of Fr. Brian in essence high jumping the altar in full vestments, I must say I did a good job of controlling my laughter, as it was a serious situation that we were talking about. What is believed to have happened is that while Fr. Brian was holding the Book of the Gospels he hear a pop from behind him and a few seconds later someone said "fire." We believe the pop was either the light on top of the manger exploding or something going wrong with the electrical wires on the Christmas trees.

Thankfully no one was hurt, Fr. Brian and a few of the parishioners (who happen to be firefighters) got the fire under control and some of the people at Mass thought to take the hand crafted Italian (read expensive) statues that make up the Nativity scene with them as they left. There was a fair bit of smoke damage done to the Church, she needs a paint job, but amazingly so that's all that got damaged, well and a Christmas tree, and the lamb statues each lost an ear but they were fixed and are now back in the Church.

Back about 12 years ago the church building was restored, well renovated and I remember Fr. Geno telling us that if "God forbid the church was to catch on fire it would be gone in a few minutes." I believe that was because of the "paint" that was used, as there was paper or something in it, anyway it's truly amazing that the church building only sustained smoke damage, it just looks dirty.

As was pointed out during Fr. George's homily the parish family came together quickly to help out and to adjust to what was happening that weekend. If the fire happened at any other time who knows what would have happened. The other Masses are usually packed, the 7am is our "no smells no bells" Mass, meaning it's the Mass without music on the weekend, so you never know what would have happened. As Fr. George said thank God it happened while someone was in the Church and thank God no one got hurt and that we have very little damage done to the Church.

Fr. George in his homily on the Feast of the Holy Family spoke of how we are family in many way, we have the human family that comes together when it needs to, with such examples of Sept. 11th and Hurricane Katrina and other such natural disasters, a parish family that came together in many ways this past year with our Jubilee celebration and with the fire, and of course we have our immediate families. In the shortest homily I have ever heard or seen Fr. George give, he got the message of yes we have our own families to care for, but there is much more to a family than that, we are a family as Children of God and we are called to care for each other.

Fr. George ended his homily by returning to his seat and telling us to mark our calendars as this was his shortest homily given.

This link shows the Beacon's story on us, the color pictures are better than the black and white ones. I didn't take any pictures of the Christmas altar this year, I will take some on Sunday when I am there and post them, but I think I might have one from last year if not I know I have the manger scene.