Friday, January 23, 2009

March for Life 2009

Pics are forthcoming, but over all it was great day. The warmest I have seen in my 11 years of going (granted I missed one maybe 2 in there) and from what I heard the largest crowd they have had. They, the march organizers, has those of us with cell phones send a text saying "march" to a number so I'm interested to see what the actual number was. It was quite funny as we were staring to march they asked those under 30 to make some noise, and then asked us to take out our cell phones and then asked us to send a text. I did as did my friends around me, so we're all interested to see what the number is. As usually the only media coverage was EWTN and someone mentioned a Fox News camera.

Oh well I should get back to actually watching the kids I babysit for, as one of them is "yelling" at me for taking the computer out of it's "spot" They just got a macbook so I have it on my lap so I can type and watch them, and the oldest (who'll be 5 in March) looked at me and said "Mary the brand new computer doesn't come out here." I said I'm an adult, I don't think you're mother is going to be worried about me and the computer.

Pictures to come later.

Apparently Pres. Obama waited a extra day to lift the ban on our money being sent overseas to fun abortions.

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