Monday, January 19, 2009

Thoughts on insanity surrounding the Inauguration of President-Elect Obama

I don't remember 4 days worth of events surrounding President Bush's inaugurations, or even President Clinton's inaugurations. Then again I normally don't pay attention to the Inauguration, but this time I have no choice it's all that's on the news. Today we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. however I can't help but think that while he would be pleased to see an African American elected as President, he would not be happy with Obama's pro-abortion stance. Obama as a person does not scare me, the idea that he would promise a "freedom of choice" which has no choice in it. FOCA is a load of crap full of evil. By chance and more likely by "order" the deacons at my parish preached on FOCA this weekend. Now I've heard rumors that FOCA doesn't have enough votes to be passed, but I feel like Obama will find a way to have it pass.

Oh well time for lunch, then I shall return

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Mark said...

I'm going to avoid all TV news broadcasts on Tuesday. Even the UK media has gone insane over the inauguration, so I guess the US media must be even worse. I don't think I can remember any politician in my lifetime who has been invested with such messianic status.

I agree with you totally - FOCA is evil. There's no other word for it. Still, at least the American people can be relied upon to mount more of a protest against FOCA than the British people did against our equivalent HFE legislation (which allows our scientist to create animal-human hybrids for "therapeutic" research, among other hideous things).

God bless America!