Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pro-life Activism

Some of the things I plan on telling the teens at YouthFest about.

1. Pray, it's the easiest thing to do.
A. Rosary (with pro-life meditations)
B. Spiritual Adoption program (usually with a baby shower at the end)
C. Simply pray for an end to abortion and a respect for all life
i. ask your priest/pastor to add an intention in "we pray for a respect of
life from natural conception to natural death.

2. Rock for Life and Stand True activities
A. T-shirt day/week
B. Pro-life Memorial Day
C. March for Life Weekend
D. Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity

3. Local events
A. Salesian Pro-Life Rally at SHU
B. RCAN Respect Life office
C. Diocese of Paterson Respect Life Office
D. protests (praying outside a clinic)
E. Expectant Mother/Frontline in NYC

4. National events
A. Fight FOCA
B. Writing to Congress
C. Red Envelope Day/project

That's what I have for now I'm sure I'll think of other things as the day goes along. Off I go to find red tape and envelopes

Lenten Checklist 1st Thursday and Friday

Daily Mass
Thursday: I didn't go as by the time I left my babysitting job it was after 5 so
there was no way to make it to a 5:30pm Mass that is 30 mins away. I did
however look for places with evening Masses.
Friday: I walked over to St. Anthony's, I was testing how quickly I could walk,
I made it there in a little over 10 mins, but less than 15 mins. It's nice to
have a parish that close.

Less time on facebook, the internet, and games on my phone
Thursday and Friday: so far I haven't touched the phone for the internet or
games, it was actually easier on Friday than it was Thursday or Wednesday, so
I'd say it's working. Oh the temptation to use it is there, but I'm fighting

Daily Rosary for the unborn
Thursday: said while watching TV, I took a break from the TV and said my Rosary
Friday: was said on my way home from my friend Bridget's house.

Holy Hour at my parish for Respect Life
Holy Hour is only once a week, but I did get my reminder about it, as I walked
into Church today and saw the sign for it. I'm going to try to stop by it for a
little while this coming Wednesday.

less procrastination
I have gotten some paper for the presentation on Sunday, I still have to find
the red envelopes, though I did see them I just wasn't sure of the price. I
will have to look at another Staples for them. I have stuff printed out for
the presentation, I just have to put it all together.

So far so good, but it's only been 3 days and I highly doubt I'll be awake in 4.5 hours for daily Mass at St. Anthony's but like college I looked at Saturday as the day when I wouldn't be at Mass as no daily Mass was offered at Seton Hall with all the weddings that took place there and the fact that most priests were off-campus saying weddings or some other Mass.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lenten Checklist- Ash Wednesday *updated*

I figure if I have to keep myself accountable for Lent I might as well blog about it so that I really am accountable to well at least myself.

So here's today's check list, well star list as I don't have a check mark key.

*less time on the internet via the phone
This one shows how much I am addicted to facebook and checking my e-mail. So far
so good. I didn't check it before I went to bed (it was after midnight
therefore Ash Wednesday) or when I woke up which is what I normally do. Oh
trust me I wanted to, but I didn't and that's a good start.

*Daily Mass
Mass went well, the 7:30pm Mass was packed and the homily was decent. Fr. Marek
(more on where he came from in another blog) spoke about taking inventory of
our lives and seeing what is taking me away from God. I'm not 100% sure on
what else he said, I liked the taking inventory of your life aspect and that's
what I went with.

Holy Hour
I didn't get to do this one this, week the parish had none as a result of
having Mass, but I can always find another time and day to spend an hour with
Jesus as He sits in the Tabernacle.

*less procrastination
I didn't get the supplies, but I did manage to actually print out some things
and I hope to work on it some tomorrow. I can take the children I babysit out
to the store if I need anything. I actually went food shopping with my mom,
and that was not easy on a day of fast, but surprisingly I didn't put too much
junk, actually the only junk I put in there was iced oatmeal cookies, and I
could have easily put "worse" cookies in the cart.

*Daily Rosary
I'm about to say it before I go to bed.

Not too shabby for the first day. I must say it always amuses me how many people you see in Church on a day like today, that's not a Holy Day. Oh well, I'm the one who will be held to a higher account than they, I know my rules and I know what is expected of me and I try to pass that knowledge along.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lent '09

What I am thinking of doing for Lent this year

daily Mass
less time on facebook, the internet, and games on my phone
daily Rosary for the unborn
Holy Hour at my parish for Respect Life (including the 10-25 I can stay on the nights I have retreat meetings)
less procrastination

I say less time because then the OCD side of me won't be mad when I use my phone for the internet, and I hope to not be mad at myself when I may not necessarily get to daily Mass or if I miss saying the Rosary.

That's what I'm thinking of. Usually I am disappointed with myself at the end of Lent because I feel like I haven't done as much as I could have. I also tend to set my sights high, so here I have more prayer, and somethings that will help me and others. Having 5 things that I want to do for Lent is typical of myself and we shall see how I do. As Fr. Bill said to me once, it doesn't matter if you do it for Holy Week or just a few days of Lent as long as you do something. He also is the one who has influenced me to add something to Lent, such as more prayer vs. giving something up.

Of course my usual eating better will also come to light during lent, maybe I can do a Rosary Run/walk so that I can kill to birds with one stone.

Where oh where have I been.

I haven't been missing, just busy or something like that. So Lent is practically upon us and NYC has a new archbishop. From the comment I saw about the Mets, I think I'm going to enjoy the new archbishop. Anyone who responds with I love the Mets is a winner in my book. Archbishop Dolan seems well able to handle the NY media and from what I have read, what NYC needs. Granted Cardinal Egan wasn't there long, and he came out swinging when he was installed, but I was used to Cardinal O'Connor, and had moved out of the Archdiocese of NY and into the Diocese of Paterson.

I don't know what to do for Lent, I do plan on daily Mass on the days that I can, thankfully my parish offers a 12:05pm Mass and I've been asked to read at a few of the Thursday Masses, so I'll be there for those days at least.

I've been busy writing my retreat talk and being lazy and watching tv, and looking at nursing schools as I am thinking of returning to school. For now I'll be working an a 45-60min pro-life activism presentation for the Archdiocese of Newark's youth ministry office this coming Sunday.