Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lenten Checklist- Ash Wednesday *updated*

I figure if I have to keep myself accountable for Lent I might as well blog about it so that I really am accountable to well at least myself.

So here's today's check list, well star list as I don't have a check mark key.

*less time on the internet via the phone
This one shows how much I am addicted to facebook and checking my e-mail. So far
so good. I didn't check it before I went to bed (it was after midnight
therefore Ash Wednesday) or when I woke up which is what I normally do. Oh
trust me I wanted to, but I didn't and that's a good start.

*Daily Mass
Mass went well, the 7:30pm Mass was packed and the homily was decent. Fr. Marek
(more on where he came from in another blog) spoke about taking inventory of
our lives and seeing what is taking me away from God. I'm not 100% sure on
what else he said, I liked the taking inventory of your life aspect and that's
what I went with.

Holy Hour
I didn't get to do this one this, week the parish had none as a result of
having Mass, but I can always find another time and day to spend an hour with
Jesus as He sits in the Tabernacle.

*less procrastination
I didn't get the supplies, but I did manage to actually print out some things
and I hope to work on it some tomorrow. I can take the children I babysit out
to the store if I need anything. I actually went food shopping with my mom,
and that was not easy on a day of fast, but surprisingly I didn't put too much
junk, actually the only junk I put in there was iced oatmeal cookies, and I
could have easily put "worse" cookies in the cart.

*Daily Rosary
I'm about to say it before I go to bed.

Not too shabby for the first day. I must say it always amuses me how many people you see in Church on a day like today, that's not a Holy Day. Oh well, I'm the one who will be held to a higher account than they, I know my rules and I know what is expected of me and I try to pass that knowledge along.

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