Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where oh where have I been.

I haven't been missing, just busy or something like that. So Lent is practically upon us and NYC has a new archbishop. From the comment I saw about the Mets, I think I'm going to enjoy the new archbishop. Anyone who responds with I love the Mets is a winner in my book. Archbishop Dolan seems well able to handle the NY media and from what I have read, what NYC needs. Granted Cardinal Egan wasn't there long, and he came out swinging when he was installed, but I was used to Cardinal O'Connor, and had moved out of the Archdiocese of NY and into the Diocese of Paterson.

I don't know what to do for Lent, I do plan on daily Mass on the days that I can, thankfully my parish offers a 12:05pm Mass and I've been asked to read at a few of the Thursday Masses, so I'll be there for those days at least.

I've been busy writing my retreat talk and being lazy and watching tv, and looking at nursing schools as I am thinking of returning to school. For now I'll be working an a 45-60min pro-life activism presentation for the Archdiocese of Newark's youth ministry office this coming Sunday.

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