Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Notre Dame part 2

God Bless these organizations and the students involved in them. Some of the student organizations at Notre Dame have issued their own statement in regards to Obama being picked as commencement speaker and honorary degree recipient.

I only skimmed the letter, but what stuck out the most for me was this section.

"Additionally, Fr. Jenkins has placed some of his students in a moral dilemma as to whether they should attend their own graduation. Many pro-life seniors, along with their families, are conflicted about whether to participate in the commencement ceremony. The lack of concern for these devoted sons and daughters of Notre Dame, who love this University and the Catholic principles on which it was built, is shameful."

As someone who fought with Seton Hall Administration for certain things, I know the place these students are in. For me to have to decided to not go to my own graduation would suck. I had my graduations from Seton Hall. I watched my friends receive their diplomas without me, while I walked the next year. I often took no notice as to whom the speaker was for the year. I was simply there for my handshake as we didn't even get our "piece of paper" at our ceremony. However I did not have to make the decision to not attend my graduation. I know if I was a student at Notre Dame that I would be one of those students not attending their own graduation. That's totally unfair for the families who sent their child to Notre Dame for a good education. Really who's the graduation for if not for the students.

Oh well, at least this is finally in the main stream media and who knows what will come from it. Maybe Obama will say "you know it's probably better if I don't come" but I don't see that happening.

Oh well I am off to finish crocheting a blanket for Baby Matthew.

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