Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back but not for long

I spent the past two week teaching at my parish's "Summer Religious Education Program." I love being able to pass on the faith, but it breaks my heart that a 4 year old knows the "rules" of being Catholic better than most of the 6th graders that I thought.

All that has been on the news over here is that Michael Jackson died, mind you Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and now Billy Mays all died too, but MJ is all over the news. I get that he was a great influence to music and the MTV generation, but I'm not in tears over the man's passing. He was strange to say the least. He needs prayers has he did live a strange and troubled life. Farrah seemed to live a normal life as did McMahon, and well Billy Mays despite his infomercial personality seemed to a private and decent man. May they all rest on peace.

In roughly 2 weeks my parents and I will be off to Ireland for 3 weeks, that means the next two weeks will be spent shopping for stuff, like transformers, clothes (there's apparently a heat wave over there), and other such stuff. It's also the 4th of July over here, which means BBQs and fireworks, if your town isn't too cheap to have them this year.

Oh well that's where I've been and will be. ;)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where oh where have I been...

Life has been a bit crazy for the past few weeks, meaning I'm not on my normal/regular schedule for babysitting. My mom's sister-in-law (who lives in Ireland) died unexpectedly last week from a massive brain hemorrhage so that threw everything off. I helped my dad with babysitting my niece and nephew. Kerri and Sean, my niece and nephew, loved it as they always love when I do stuff with them. Mom got back from Ireland this evening. She started talking to me about the funeral and the Mass and other things on the way home and I half paid attention.

It's only 5 weeks before I join my parents for a 3 week vacation in Ireland and my brother, sis-in-law and the kids are joining us for the last week. This week should be just as crazy as I'm babysitting tomorrow and Tuesday and on Wednesday I take my Nurse Entrance Exam aka the SAT for nursing school. Then it's the parish feast, which means I spend most of my time, more so this year than in the past, with the youth ministry Ice Cream booth. "The Feast" is the parish's biggest fundraiser with carnival rides, booths and of course the food, the food is mostly home cooked or as close to it as possible. A lot of work goes into it including the time spent behind the tables in the booths.

So I might go missing for a while again, but I'm working on it. ;)