Sunday, January 10, 2010

All Saints and All Souls (another late one)

I went to type and blog about this at the actual feasts of All Saints and All Souls, you know back in November, but for one reason or another I managed to forgot about it and am now revisiting it. I'm not editing it to fix the grammar to fit today's date, so I'm just going with what I have written.

Seeing as I wanted to blog about Fr. Brian's All Saints homily yesterday, and since we had our Mass of Remembrance tonight for All Souls I figured why not just blog about both. I look at All Saints as the celebration feast and All souls has the more somber remembrance feast. That being said I do like both celebrations but do realize that they are different yet very similar.

I was Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion at the 6pm Mass so I got to hear Fr. Brian's homily. It was a good homily filled with correct theology, as in he told us point blank many times during Mass that we are all to be saints and to live like the Saints. It is refreshing to hear someone say you'll be a saint and not oh you'll be an angel. No angels are creatures created by God to worship Him and praise Him.  Saints are awesome people who have gone before us and show us the way to get to Heaven.

So Fr. Brian's homily if I remember correctly has a few pointer in how to live like the Saints. He listed off ways to be a saint or things that the Saints have in common and those are joy, radiate the Light of God, being sinners, listening.  He went on to elaborate on each point, but I'm going to put my own spin on it as I don't remember fully what he said.  Fr. Brian spoke of how each saint is to have joy, that there are rules of engagement and that there's no cheating, I no longer remember what he was talking about; oops, but that is what happens when you let 2 months pass by without blogging.  He did speak about radiating the Light of God as in a happy marriage leads to a happy family or being a happy priests.  He spoke about how the saints are sinners, that they were not perfect and I think that most people forget that and stick Saints on a pedestal and expect them to be perfect, fact is that the Saints were human just like us and that means they were sinners just like us and made mistakes just like us too.  The only sinless people are Jesus and Mary, and I mean really how can anyone expect to be perfect.  ;)  I made a note on here that listening was mentioned twice, which means that was probably the point I needed to hear. The saints listened to God and tried to live out what He had planned for them, no matter what it cost them.

All Saints Day reminds us that we are all called to be saints, not angels or some other being, but a saint, who spends the rest of time with God in Heaven.

On All Souls day we had our annual Mass of Remembrance and I remember Fr. Martin, our pastor who normally isn't very fast with Mass. Which amuses me as in Ireland, where Fr. Martin is from, Mass is beyond fast.  Fr. Martin was very deliberate and slow with Mass, nothing was rushed, which is not to say that is what he normally does, it was just slower that his usual Masses.

I happened to serve as Extraordinary Minister as they needed more as we got a bigger crowd that expected, I was there as a member of the Hospitality Committee, as in I stood at a door and welcomed the people as they walked in; we also distributed the "Mass books" as in the handouts explaining what was going on . I don't remember much from the homily, but what I do remember was him saying the fest of All Souls is a happy occasion and the whole Mass at the graveyard and the blessing of the graves back in Ireland.  I found this strange as my mom earlier that morning that mentioned that as well.  Fr. Martin and my parents are from roughly the same part/section of Ireland, different counties but same area.  What has mainly stuck with me is that I could see the tears on his face when I went up as EMHC.  I didn't expect that as while our priests are allowed to show their emotions like most men (and some women) it's rare to actually see it.

Both feasts All Saints and All Souls are celebrations of life, life with God.  The saints are all (hopefully) where we hope to be; in Heaven with God. While the aspect of death can be scary it's nice to have something to look forward too.

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