Sunday, January 10, 2010

Walk to Run take 2; day 1

Since I finally got that treadmill I've been asking for it's about time I make use of it. As I have mentioned before I have an iPod which I got for one simple reason to use with the Nike+ stuff. I am fully aware that Nike supports Planned Parenthood, but so do a lot of companies and while it annoys me that some of my money goes to PP, I know there are other ways to help the unborn.

Anyway, I have once again started the Nike+ coach plan titled walk to run, and I figure that if I have to upload the info to their page that I also might as well blog about it as it hold me accountable to whomever might actually read this. So day one, which was today went wall, then again walking 15mins isn't that bad.

The Walk to Run program is a 12 week program that is supposed to bring me from walking to running 30 minutes straight or 1.86 miles. My goal is to run in 2 races this coming Spring and Fall. The first one is the Dennis P. McHugh 5k walk/run in May. Though if it is on a Saturday, like I think it will be, I may not be able to participate as I usually work on Saturdays, but it's a goal none the less. My dad went to school with and worked with Dennis' (who was one of the 393 firefighters killed on Sept. 11th) father, so it would be nice to run in it for that reason alone. The second race I would like to partake in is the "Tunnel to Towers Run" This run retraces the steps of Firefighter Steven Siller who literally ran with his equipment on his back from the Brooklyn tunnel to the Twin Towers, who also is numbered in the 393. This race is on a Sunday, so it's doable. It's also in September so I have plenty of time to "train" for it.

So thus begins my journey to get my lazy ass running again. It's also a good excuse to start losing weight. Here's hoping I can stick with it this time around, being able to run and or walk inside the house will help alot with that.

Anyway, day 1 went well and we'll see what the rest of the program will bring with it. According to I was supposed to walk .62 miles and I walked .83 miles, so I'm already ahead of their target for me. For those who care this the info as the iPod gives it:

Distance: 0.83 mi
Time: 15:13
Pace: 18:15 min/mile
Calories: 111

and the big number aka my weight is somewhere around 175lbs, I know I can't believe I actually admitted how much I weigh as well, lol.

There are slight discrepancies between the treadmill and the iPod, I'm following the iPod as it spells it out for me.

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