Monday, June 21, 2010


So we got the news today that Fr. Brian is being promoted to pastor of St. Joseph's in Newton. It's a bittersweet promotion, for him and us. I fully understand why Bishop Serratelli would promote Fr. Brian as he is a great priest and is traditional and conservative, which is what a Catholic should be. I have yet to put into words what Fr. Brian has done for me over his 4 years at the parish.  His transfer did inspire me to write about those priests in my life that have really stood out and touched my life more so than just being the guy who says Mass.  I've often said there has been one priest in my life at certain times too see me through that time, and it does seem that way.  I'm privileged to know as many priests as I do and to be able to count on them for their prayers and ability to answer my wacky questions.  On that note I need to ask Fr. Brian a question about Women's Cornerstone as I've been asked a few times to run the darn thing.  I just don't if I'm up for it.  Oh well that question will have to wait until later today after the Extraordinary Minister Training meeting, oh I think I need to blog about those too.