Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Changes at St. Anthony's

If you look back on my blogs you will see that I often blogged about the homilies that I heard.  That stopped about a year ago when Fr. Brian was moved to a new parish.  Congrats to Fr. Brian on being officially made pastor of St. Joseph's.  The new assignments were in The Beacon this week.

Last Sunday, not the past Sunday, Pentecost, but the Sunday before, our current pastor Msgr. Martin told us at the end of all the Masses that he would be leaving.  The speech, typed and read to us, not that I mind that, it just struck me as odd as the other priests to leave our parish did their speech off the cuff shall we say.  It read like a "it's you, not me" letter and I can say while I am sad to have another priest leave, I'm not nearly as upset as I was when others left.  Best of luck to Fr. Martin in his new parish.  Onto the exciting news for St. Anthony's not Holy Family as they are losing their pastor, but we're getting Msgr. Raymond Kupke as our new pastor.  While I do not know Msgr. Kupke personally I do know of him from Seton Hall and everyone who does know him is really excited for us.  I am excited for us too as it will be a welcome change.

Msgr. Martin is a wonderful man and priest just not my style, he was a very hands off pastor as in you're in charge of the ministry you run it, I trust you, I don't need to be there.  A very drastic change from the last pastor who was very much hands on.

Not only are we getting a new pastor, but we are getting a second vicar.  We will now have Fr. Luis-Carlos (who's mom is in critical condition in Columbia, the country not the hospital in NY, she and he could do with some prayers) we are getting. Fr. Roberto, who is Cuban, and newly ordained.  It will be interesting to have two "hispanic" priests in the parish.  I hope that both of them stay for a while as it's nice to finally get to know Fr. Luis after what is almost a year and I do look forward to getting to know the new guys as well.

Oh well, to each his own, St. A's is about to change for the good and I'm excited.  Please keep the parish and our priests in your prayers.

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