Tuesday, June 14, 2011


So I have mentioned St. Paul's Inside the Wall the Diocesan Evangelization Center at Bayley-Ellard aka St. Paul's before.  I am a part of their young adult group among many other "groups" down there.  On Easter Monday about 30 of us from the center went to Rome with Fr. Geno. I should have known he was going over there for something other than to just show us Rome.  Turns out FG as I affectionately call Fr. Geno was presenting to Archbishop Fisichella, the president of Pope Benedict's Council for Evangelization, on our lovely center.  FG decided to have the young adults come along for a pilgrimage to Rome, so when I got the info on the trip I thought about not going for a few minutes and then made the ultimate decision to say how many times will I get the chance to go to Rome. Part of my hesitation was that I really didn't know most of the people going, but that changed as I forced myself to go to more of the young adult events down at St. Paul's.  The trip was simply amazing.  I will try to do it justice by sharing what happened.  

This trip to Rome would be my 3rd and more than likely not my last visit to Rome.  We flew out on Easter Monday and came home on May 2nd, yes the trip included the Beatification of John Paul the 2nd.  Since coming home from Rome I've been doing a fair bit of thinking and reflecting.  I realized that I don't blog nearly as much as I used to and I think part of that stems from having a smart phone where I can check facebook, twitter, and gmail at the blink of an eye.  I also attribute it to the lack of stellar homilies I have gotten at the home parish, though more to come on that one yet.

Rome this time was bittersweet as every place we went I thought of my last two trips and who was with me and how I really only talk to one person out my set group of friends from that trip.  My former, yes former, best friend is no longer talking to me.  When I feel like giving those details I will, I'm not up for it yet.

So I have not fallen off the face of the earth, I've just had nothing to blog about so.  So I'm going to turn the next few entries into photo blog entries.  I'll do each day of the trip in it's own blog they way I did for my picture albums on facebook.

Some highlights of the trip... the papal audience, meeting Fr. John, being at the Angelicium, the JP2 vigil and being in Rome for the Beatification of JP2.  I'll blog more on those later.

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